Work-Life Balance

Work/life balance is getting more difficult to obtain and sustain in this age of technology, providing the level of committment needed to ‘the company’ and fulfilling your role to your family as well as allowing for a social life….you also need YOU time, whats that you may ask?

When we are driven, ambitious, motivated and inspired we have a feeling of greatness, power and energy but how we can easily lose that sense of progress through over committment at work or home or both, trying to be the ‘one’ that everyone wants you to be, sounding familiar?

Your health and wellbeing are put on the back burner while you get the job done, as you think “hey its only temporary… work hard young and relax later when l have everything” yes you may get that lifestyle you want to live but at what cost?

Where did the meaning in your life go?

You now have become a thinker and forget how to feel.

My point is…. we need to keep our 3 bodies thriving, our physical, mental and spiritual bodies need consistant attention in optimizing our performance in keeping us on the path of our goals and dreams.

Rochelle Silver.