7 steps to lasting lifestyle change


7   Steps to lasting lifestyle improvement



Assessment of your present state


How do you feel when you wake up most mornings?


Observe yourself over a week or two, what you do and how you feel, in the morning throughout the day and when you turn in for the night. Mind, body, spirit and environment all benefit from examination. Talking with your coach throughout this time is important to the process as you’re not gathering data for a diagnosis your observing your daily rituals, habits are hard to see when their our own. Your coach will provide you with the tools to monitor your day.



Foundational work on self.


Now you may have noticed things since the observation but before any change can be truly effective action must be taken to increase awareness of self on environmental, interpersonal, intrapersonal and spiritual levels. Foundational work on one’s self requires a good hard look at one’s life, not just one’s lifestyle.


 Set aside time for introspection and reflection to yield a more accurate vision of the changes that are really important to you at this time of your life. This may mean clarifying your values. And creating a vision of what the desired lifestyle looks like, sounds like and will feel like.



Setting focus


After combining the realizations and information that you gathered in stage one and two together we can now determine what you are ready, willing and able to work on now and in the near future, a wellness plan is co-created all the exploration and steps are brought together into a wellness plan. Conscious awareness and thoughtfulness is how our step by step plan is forged.



Habits and environments


Old habits are overcome by repeated, patient and persistent action, during this phase you need to develop a supportive environment for lifestyle change to occur. We need peer health norms that support healthy changes such as alliances with friends and health professionals when consistent action is required. When you begin the change process you are soon greeted with the power of habit. Lifestyles are defined by habit. Your secret weapon against habit is your coach, alliances and surroundings. Check your environment and who is in it, are they in line with your commitment to change if not, formulating a plan for when your weaknesses are tempted is a good idea.





Initial behavioral change


When you see initial success we feel great about ourselves and usually celebrate our efforts, staying consistent is often the hardest part you must realize you have probably got to this stage before but it did not last, so celebrate and acknowledge your success but stay vigilant.


Some people also tend to discount or minimize their successes, sometime without a wellness ally they don’t even recognize when they have made progress. You must record and measure your change process.



Deeper work on self


Higher levels of self-awareness, fears & loves, weaknesses and strengths are to be explored in this phase. Experiencing change even positive can bring up fear maybe a fear of loss like the old you or your circle of friends. A positive increase in setting boundaries and saying no to people can have totally unpredicted reactions by others. This can encourage self-defeating behavior and discouragement, your coach is your ally as you search for answers deep within.



Lasting behavioral/ lifestyle change


In this phase centering practices solidify and help maintain lifestyle improvements. You experience good health and celebrate your actions the benefits of change are the motivation.  Periodic re-assessment maintains awareness and identifies new areas for attention, as it is known in any change model until new behaviors become automatic like driving a car you must remain consciously aware of what you are doing, checking in with your coach every month will help. You now have experienced a better you and are being accountable to yourself who is the most important person in your life. The new love of health, energy, clarity and vitality will resonate and could inspire others too.



The journey into self-love and self-acceptance must begin with self-examination…….until you take the journey of self-reflection.

It is almost impossible to grow or learn in life.


-Iyanta Van Zant