How do you know you’re loved?

How do you know you’re loved?

Well, according to NLP we all have our love strategies and when in a relationship its a good idea to find out how your partner knows they are loved. So whats yours?

For example, I have worked with clients that were predominantly auditory, this generally means they need to hear the words “i love you” in order to know they are loved. However, their partner may have different dominant love strategies such as kinesthetic which is a need to feel loved this could be through holding hands, intimacy and anything that has touch involved. So the problems arise when one partner is trying to let the other partner know they are loved through the wrong strategy.

Lets say your new friend has a visual love strategy? How do you let them know you really like them? Well they need proof, in the form of flowers, sunsets, gifts or a romantic getaway these are just a few examples…in a courting situation this is great knowledge to have so get creative and target those strategies!

Imagine if all you have to do is modify a few things to allow him/her to feel more connected to you.