21 day challenge of… NO processed Sugar

Welcome to my 21 day challenge tips and hints

They say if you can give up a habit for 21 days the chances of you wanting to do it again are slim to none.

How is this so?

Well… you have created a new habit of not doing it, after 21 days your conscious mind is more aware of thinking about doing what you dont want to do!


” Good” this means youre looking for information to help you understand ….

Tips & hints

    1. Change your enviroment get rid of anything in your pantry that is largely made up of sugar, like sweet bisciuts, chocolate, lollies, cereals and so on.. the obvious and the not so obvious.
    2. Make a plan of what you will substitute these sugar laden foods with, a healthy alternative like fresh fruit, nuts, plain porridge etc
     3. Substituting sugar for artificial sweeteners is an alternative but they too can have some effects on your body if over consumed, read the labels.
    4. In your plan list the things you can do to combat the withdrawals symtoms, like keeping yourself busy, reading, gardening, going for a walk etc.
    5. Keep the end in mind like feeling better, healthier, possibly lighter, better digestion, clarity with better brain function, and remember its only 21 days! 😉
    Good luck and document your journey on how you feel throughout this change.
     ” a wealth of health”
    Rochelle Silver