About me

Rochelle has enjoyed a successful sales career, the excitement of the corporate world, the experience of raising two wonderful teenage girls and the pain of a failed marriage!

She knows what hard work is, she understands the difference between pressure and stress, staying healthy and avoiding burnout and looks sacrifice in the face everyday.

“Getting up at 4am each day without fail is something l must do, not only to avoid sacrificing time with my girls but it also allows for planning, organizing and meditation” says Rochelle.

(After all “we are a result of our rituals” – T. R.)

She knows the importance of being able to communicate effectively and understand what people want. After 20 years of negotiating, liaising and developing long standing trusting relationships with clients it provided her with qualities that you can only learn by experience, that no class room can teach.

She also knows how difficult it is being in a fast paced, ever changing environment with pressure to achieve your personal, your company or your business goals, and maintain your mental, physical and social health which allows you to work at your optimum level of performance and live a balanced, happy and  harmonious life.

Rochelle extended her knowledge and training in 2009 to become  a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Life Coach and hypnotherapist. She is also currently studying for a degree in Behavioral science (Psychology).

“With her life experience, skills,

training and extensive knowledge combined with a heartfelt passion to assist people in achieving a healthier life either physically or mentally you cant help but feel safe, supported and excited when working with Rochelle”

Living in personal excellence is when you are achieving all your goals at home and at work/business, you are fit and healthy and so are your relationships.

You feel strong, happy and at peace with life.

Woman raising her hands at sunrise